emergency dentist in Durban

Composite dental fillings play a big part in emergency visits to a dentist in Durban. They can be used for 2 very different reasons, with regards to cavities and chipped teeth. Fillings are used when a small portion of the tooth is missing. This can be due to a chip or when decay has been removed. They bring back structure to the tooth. There are many types of dental fillings used by dentists but by far the most popular are the composite type. This is because once they are applied to the tooth, it adapts to the exact texture and the mixture can even be made into the exact tooth colour. The first reason why dental fillings are important to an emergency dentist in Durban would be to tackle cavities. Cavities emit a sharp and sensitive pain on the tooth on which they are located and can make eating and even talking painful and uncomfortable.

Cavities by no means appear overnight and a trip to an emergency dentist in Durban can be avoided if people stick to making their routine visits to their dentist in Durban. Cavities are caused by plaque bacteria that has eaten its way into the tooth, causing rot. Prevention methods when seeing a dentist twice a year would be for them to remove plaque before it can materialize into cavities. If not, an emergency dentist in Durban can remove the decayed portion of the tooth, thereby also removing any pain and sensitivity. This area will then be filled in with the dental filling. Both the decay removal and shaping of the filling will require for an anaesthetic to be injected into the mouth first. Conscious sedation is not an option when visiting an emergency dentist in Durban as an anaesthesiologist will have to be brought in and this requires advanced notice.

Fillings are also used to cover up the bit of a tooth that has been chipped. This is classified as having to visit an emergency dentist in Durban because a chipped tooth is not something that someone plans to have. It is also an extremely unwanted event if you have an important day ahead of you. You would need to see an emergency dentist in Durban right away. Composite dental fillings are used here to cover up this chip. In fact, they do more than that and once the fillings has been moulded and hardened into place, there will not be any difference between the tooth and the fillings. This is how well the composite filling blends into the tooth. Once the procedure has been completed by the emergency dentist in Durban, patients can continue on normally with their day. There is no need to return for a follow up visit. The only concern would be for the injected anaesthetic to subside. This will go away in a couple of hours. In the meantime it is just a bit of numbness to deal with. A small price to pay for an immediate fix of a chipped tooth.

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